How to choose Czech glass

Bohemian glass appeared long before our birth and even the birth of our great-grandfathers. Despite this, it cannot be called something old or antique, because the best masters annually come up with some new items that allow you to admire the crystal brilliance of these masterpieces for hours.

The production of Czech glass began in the 13th century, however, then the glassmakers did not try to create some incredible products of the highest quality, they just wanted to be no worse than their colleagues from Venice. For three centuries, up to the beginning of the 16th century, glass that was produced in the Czech Republic was no different from the same material created in other countries. Everything changed when glassmakers from Saxony began to move to the Czech Republic. Foreign glassmakers not only got a job and did their job, but also warmly shared their secrets, which were passed down from generation to generation. Thanks to the mixture of many styles, the Czech Republic has become a leading country in the world in the manufacture of incomparable glass products.

Nowadays there are few who say that Bohemian glass and crystal was called «forest» glass. And all because the Czech masters decided to replace the soda with sand and wood ash «potash». The main event took place back in 1684, when glassblower Müller received crystal clear and transparent glass. Until this moment, no palace had ever seen anything like it. Now they consider this year — the year of the creation of true Bohemian glass.

How to choose bohemian glassware

Crystal-cutting, flawless cutting, gilding and engraving, which are done only by hand, endow Bohemian glass with an inimitable medieval beauty. Czech glass will decorate any table or interior, it will delight with its colorfulness, as well as the unique nobility of grace and perfection of lines. The main thing is only to choose the right product and not be mistaken in the authenticity of the products. Czech glass products that can be bought from at are very diverse. In demand: glasses, glasses, sets of wine glasses, vases, some kind of trays, sconces, chandeliers and much more. A distinctive quality of real Czech glass is its brightness, fragility, transparency and color play.

Bohemian glass does not have any characteristic features, such as, for example, a certain standard size of glasses of a particular design, or wine glasses with a specific painting. Therefore, there are a few things to consider before purchasing. Firstly, the products have a variety of colors. There is colorless and colored glass. As for the latter, glassblowers prefer red, blue and green. Secondly, there are several ways of further processing glass, the last stage is grinding or decoration by engraving or painting. Thirdly, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. As a rule, Bohemian glass, like crystal, is made by the same companies.

Having chosen the product you like, you must carefully study it. Real Czech glass is so clean and transparent that sometimes one gets the impression that it is an illusion and instead of glass there is just a void through which you look without any hindrances. The slightest streaks, cloudy spots, inclusions of foreign, even the smallest particles, indicate that something is wrong with the glass. If everything is fine with the visible product, there is another way to check for a fake. Surely many have heard that you can “play” on Bohemian glass by moistening your fingers in water. So this is not a joke, the way it is. If you run wet fingers along the edge of the glass, then the glass will begin to emit a characteristic ringing. Some products sound so beautiful that you can listen to them and listen to them. Ordinary glass is not capable of this.

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